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Lyndon Baines Johnson Museum of San Marcos

We are grateful for the wonderful support from the people of San Marcos, Hays County, Texas State University, our donors,  and our many visitors who discover at our museum how President Johnson’s college and teaching career in San Marcos & South Texas changed the course of American history.

–Civil Rights, Higher Education, Medicare, Head Start, Student Loans, Space Race, Highway Beautification, National Parks, Clean Water, Vietnam, Arts and Humanities, Truth in Lending, Fair Housing, Law Enforcement Assistance, Public Broadcasting, Freedom of Information, and so much more!–

We cordially invite you to become a sustaining member of the LBJ Museum of San Marcos to support our exhibits, develop our archives, and to participate in special events throughout the year.

Membership Levels:


  • Presidential Circle – $10,000 +
  • Vice Presidential Circle – $5,000
  • Senatorial Circle – $1000
  • Congressional Circle – $500


  • Educator Circle – $250
  • Sponsor Circle – $100
  • Family Circle – $40
  • Individual Circle – $25

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Our fiscal year runs from January 1 to December 31. All contributions are tax-deductible, to the extent allowed by law. For more information, contact the Museum at (512) 353-3300 or email