The Lyndon Baines Johnson Museum of San Marcos meeting area is available for use by small to medium size groups for civic, educational, and cultural purposes. Museum shall not deny use of the meeting area to anyone based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, creed, age, or disability.
Meeting area shall not be used for entrepreneurial or commercial purposes, for the solicitation of business, for profit, or for fundraising (unless the fundraising is for the LBJ Museum of San Marcos). No goods or services shall be promoted, sold, or exchanged upon the premises (unless such goods or services emanate from the Museum); or, by sample, pictures, or description. Furthermore, solicitations for signatures or petitions are not allowed on Museum property.
At least one Museum representative will be present at the event or meeting.
Use of meeting area for Museum purposes takes precedence over all other uses. Museum board and staff will do its best to avoid any scheduling conflicts with meeting area users.
The Museum Board of Directors reserves the final authority to approve or deny an application for use of the meeting area.
Any group using the meeting area is granted a tour of the museum exhibit and/or a brief presentation on the museum’s history.
Hours and Fees
All reservations must be scheduled by the Museum Director.
$100 Security Deposit and $25 cleaning fee apply to each area. Facility use donations and fees may be waived/reduced at the discretion of the LBJ Museum Board of Directors or its representative.
Include checks, cash, or money order with your application.
Meeting Areas
Museum Lobby and Exhibit Gallery:
Our primary meeting area includes the museum lobby and exhibit area, where delicate and rare artifacts are housed and displayed. This space can accommodate up to 80 people standing, and the possibilities for seating arrangements are limited. Therefore, the museum board and management reserve the right to determine if the requested event or function is appropriate to be held in the exhibit area and will not reasonably pose a physical or environmental threat to the museum.s furnishings, exhibits, and holdings.
Back Room:
We also have a large ground-floor space in back of our museum, approximately 32′ x 32′, with rear garage-door access and very limited parking available. This area, as of now, lacks a finished interior and a proper air-conditioned environment. However, it may be used for small, acoustical performances (musical, theatrical, etc.), seminars, readings, discussions, and receptions. Party interested in reserving this area must contact Museum Director well in advance to discuss the arrangements in detail.
Reservations for use of the meeting area must be made through the Museum Director, by mail, email, or phone. A Meeting Area Application must be completed and returned to the Museum Director before the requested meeting or event can be scheduled. By completing and signing the application, the contact person understands and agrees to the conditions of the meeting area policy. A returned meeting area application does not automatically ensure use of the meeting area; the reservation must be confirmed by the Museum Director before a meeting or event can be scheduled and arranged. If a meeting or event cannot be scheduled, deposits and payments will be promptly returned in full.
If a party decides to cancel a reservation already scheduled and confirmed, contact person must give such notice to the Museum Director as soon as possible.
Rules of Use
The party using the Museum meeting area is responsible for leaving the area in the same condition they found it. At the discretion of the Museum Director, the party using the meeting area will be charged for damages caused by any member of the party to any furnishing, equipment, artifact, or museum property during their use of the meeting area. This includes, but is not limited to, any cleaning charges resulting from use of the area by the party.
Groups and individuals of the party are expected to be in and out of the meeting area during their allotted time.
If the Museum is closed due to inclement weather or an unforeseen emergency, the meeting is automatically cancelled. If this happens, as much notice as possible will be given to the contact person on record with the Museum.
Alcoholic beverages, if applicable, must be served only by individuals certified by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).
Light refreshments and drinks administered from small appliances may be served during use of the meeting room. If refreshments are to be served, party or caterer must contact Museum Director ahead of time in order to plan the setup and staging area for refreshments. The Museum does not offer full kitchen facilities. Food preparation, including all utensils, serving plates, cups, napkins, and appliances, is the complete responsibility of the party using the meeting area. No food or trash is to be left in the Museum after completion of the meeting.
It is the sole responsibility of the party or caterer to secure the necessary license(s) from the San Marcos City Health Department if food or drink is brought into the Museum for the meeting.
Policy Changes
This policy may be changed by vote from the LBJ Museum of San Marcos Board of Directors in order to adapt to the changing needs of the Museum.
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