Get Involved! Give!

The success of the LBJ Museum of San Marcos and its programs depends on community support! There are many ways to support the Museum and the new Claudia Taylor Johnson Endowment. Please visit the museum, become a member, volunteer and GIVE!

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Your financial support for the LBJ Museum of San Marcos and the Claudia Taylor Johnson Endowment will assure its ongoing success! The museum is supported by grants, foundations, and people like YOU!

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Join the LBJ Museum!

Become an annual member of the LBJ Museum at the level that suits you and enjoy special events, museum updates, and our annual membership meeting. You will play an important part in preserving LBJ’s historic legacy in San Marcos and South Texas!



Volunteer opportunities abound at the LBJ Museum. Check with us to help with special events and for graduate or undergraduate internships. Contact our Museum Manager at 512-353-3300 for more information.


Support our Collection & Exhibits

The LBJ Museum is actively developing our collection of artifacts, mementos, creative works, books and photos of President Johnson and his life here and in South Texas. Let us know if you have a treasure you’d like to share!

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Board of Directors

The LBJ Museum of San Marcos is governed by our Board of Directors elected by the membership. Here is our current board, all volunteers who contribute their time, money and energy to the museum.