Higher Education Act Transcript

00:07 This is a proud moment in my life.

00:12 Proud to have a part in the beginning

00:18 that this bill provides. The cause here a

00:24 good deal began for me some 38 years ago

00:27 on this campus.

00:31 It was here, these surroundings that I

00:36 first understood the deeper meaning of

00:38 the Bible’s promise that ye shall know

00:41 the truth and the truth shall make you

00:44 free. Till the seeds were planted from

00:50 which grew my firm conviction that for

00:54 the individual, education is the path to

00:58 achievement and fulfillment, and for the

01:01 nation it is a path to society that is

01:04 not only free but civilized and for the

01:08 world it is the path to peace for it is

01:11 education that places reason over force